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Welcome to Groveland UU!

We are a small, lay led community with
strong roots and many branches..

Mission: Groveland is a mutually supportive and inclusive community, which fosters individual spiritual growth and inspires its members to do good works in the world.

Vision: We, the members of Groveland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, shall live our faith in a welcoming, inclusive congregation that provides a safe community for spiritual exploration and operates in accordance with the principles and traditions of Unitarian Universalism. Groveland welcomes seekers on their spiritual journeys.

Sunday Services: Our Services are held at 10:00 in the St Paul Council of Churches Chapel at 1671 Summit Ave. in St. Paul, MN 55105.

Our mailing address:
Groveland UU Fellowship
PO Box 40011
St. Paul, MN 55104

Accessibility: Ours is a wheelchair accessible building, with handicapped parking behind the building.

Families with children: Families with children aged 8 and up are invited to attend the service.

Our Next Presentation

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Alternatives to Violence Program Presentation
with Barbara Vaile

Barbara Vaile has volunteered with Alternatives to Violence among other places such as KFAI radio and Center for Victims of Torture. She is currently working on a memoir and has been a long time student of healing practices. She has worked for organizations like Pathways Health Crisis Center and New Town of Jonathan. Daily, she thinks about “what does right livelihood look like?” and says she sees it a lot.

Alternatives to Violence Project is world-wide now having
begun 40 years ago in a New York State prison when some inmates looked at each other and said we better do something or our kids will end up here, too. They asked some
Quakers for help - and it has caught on!

Because participation is always voluntary, individuals are on the cusp of change, ready to embrace something new. And
that's what happens. They come in on a Friday night with masked faces making you think it's going to be a very long weekend and after the first exercises the smiles come.

There is no better use of your time for maximum input of what you have to offer and structural change than prison work, one of my teachers claimed. I saw a chance to participate at Faribault. I believe we each throw a lifeline to persons whose childhood contained a minute view of life that included much violence.

Experiential exercises, community building, everyone's contributions - it all creates a sum far greater than the parts. I'm 76, a grandmother, a Quaker and a Unitarian, and looking to pass the baton. The prisoners are(almost) all coming out!