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Welcome to Groveland UU!

We are a small, lay led community with
strong roots and many branches..

Mission: Groveland is a mutually supportive and inclusive community, which fosters individual spiritual growth and inspires its members to do good works in the world.

Vision: We, the members of Groveland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, shall live our faith in a welcoming, inclusive congregation that provides a safe community for spiritual exploration and operates in accordance with the principles and traditions of Unitarian Universalism. Groveland welcomes seekers on their spiritual journeys.

Sunday Services: Our Services are held at 10:00 in the St Paul Council of Churches Chapel at 1671 Summit Ave. in St. Paul, MN 55105.

Our mailing address:
Groveland UU Fellowship
PO Box 40011
St. Paul, MN 55104

Accessibility: Ours is a wheelchair accessible building, with handicapped parking behind the building.

Families with children: Families with children aged 8 and up are invited to attend the service.

Our Next Presentation

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Cuba: The Good Food Revolution - Strengthening Community Through Sustainable Agr
with Judy Bonhiver

In February 2014, Judy Bonhiver traveled with a group of people on a ten day tour of Cuba arranged by Witness for Peace to Cuba and the Martin Luther King Center of Havana. The tour was titled: Cuba: The Good Food Revolution - Strengthening Community Through Sustainable Agriculture. She will talk about her experience, and share some of the photos taken by the group.

Judy has traveled extensively since she was 8 years old; traveling every summer with her family, then on her own or with friends as an adult. She moved to Seattle, WA in 1985 when 3M company transferred her. Then to San Francisco, CA, in 1988. She joined the Peace Corps and lived from 1999 to 2002 in Southern Russia. Then, after 20+ years away from Minnesota she returned to the Twin Cities to be closer to her family in 2010. She has been calling herself a 'foodie' for about 10 years, and loves to learn about people, culture, history, the environment.

Judy is a member of Groveland UU fellowship.