Embrace Conflict? Now That’s a Dumb Idea

We all experience interpersonal and internal conflict from time to time.   At home, at work and even at church we have felt the sting of our differences.   And depending on our level of emotional intelligence, and ethnic ancestry most of us are a little afraid of it or really afraid of it.  

Lots has been written about conflict and how to deal with it, even how to embrace it.  Yikes!  The poet Rumi has written, in his famous poem The Guesthouse, “The dark thought, the shame, the malice…greet them at the door laughing and invite them in…”  Wow, how can live with more of that type of courage?

Come and explore some ideas for how we might learn to be less afraid of conflict and perhaps even see it as a potential friend, standing at the door of our life, sometimes needing to be welcomed in.

Tom has been leading a serious of conversations called “Going Beyond Minnesota Nice”. For an example of what he’s talking about see this:  http://eschconsulting.com/happy-brave-thanksgiving