Identity and the Search for Truth in the Age of Social Media

Dr. Leticia Smith will share the results of her review of the impact of social media on our identity and on our quest for truth. She will also share her own experience with social media effects on her self-presentations, social interactions, and the challenges it has posed in her search for truth in a variety of areas affecting life on earth. Members and guests at the service will be invited to share how their own interactions with friends, family and other groups are being affected by their own social media participation and by those of their social circle as well. The presentation will conclude with a discussion on potential strategies for making the best use of social media while minimizing its negative consequences.

Leticia Smith provides management consultation to nonprofits with social justice goals, and is on the list of federal grant reviewers for community economic development and refugee resettlement. She is treasurer of Groveland UU Fellowship. She received both her M.A. in Communication and Ph.D. in Sociology from Michigan State University.