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Flower Communion

Hybrid Service In Person and on Zoom

Speaker: Ceile Hartleib

The Flower Communion service was created by Norbert Capek (1870-1942) who founded the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia. He felt the need for some symbolic ritual that would bind people more closely together.

Congregants are asked to bring … read more.

Answering Your Questions on Critical Race Theory: a PBS program

Hybrid service – in person and on Zoom

Speaker: Prudence Carter, Ph.D.

Republican lawmakers are aiming to prevent schools at the K-12 level from teaching critical race theory, even though it’s been part of academic discourse in higher education for decades. What is it, and why has it … read more.

Doctor, What Should I Do?: A Physician Responds to Difficult and Controversial Issues Affecting Women’s Lives               

Hybrid service – in person and on Zoom

Speaker:  Jeffrey D. Nelson, M.D.                                           

Dr. Jeffrey Nelson will speak to us as a physician about how he dealt with the serious and often controversial topics of abortion, religious freedom, and other difficult decisions with his patients. He will also … read more.

Confronting Christian Nationalism in Minnesota Speaker: Matt Lewellyn-Otten 

Virtual Service on Zoom Only

Speaker:  Matt Lewellyn-Otten 

Matt is the Associate Director of Religious Organizing at OutFront Minnesota and works with faith-based and non-faith-based groups to think deeply about their inclusion of LGBTQIA2+ folk. He is co-leader of a coalition of four organizations (OutFront Minnesota, along with Gender … read more.

Building Community Capacity to Engage With Our Food System

Hybrid service – in person and on Zoom

Speaker: Michelle Horovitz

Minnesota Native Michelle Horovitz will share the story of how Appetite For Change was founded, and why food justice should be a focus across our communities. Michelle will also talk about AFC’s future plans as they work to … read more.

Quaker Prison Ministry: A Follow-up

Hybrid service – in person and on Zoom

Speakers: Terry Kayser, Ph.D. and David Islam

Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) was initiated by US Quakers in 1975 in response to requests for help from inmates in Greenhaven Prison, New York. It is based on the belief that everyone has … read more.

Iskotew Kahmahch Opikik: An Indigenous Journey of Trauma Healing

Virtual Service (On Zoom Only)

Speaker: Nia To Go there, Ph.D.

Dr. Nia To Go There will briefly highlight current trauma healing principles and the emerging field of epigenetics. She will illustrate how she used these principles in the curriculum she designed to address Indigenous trauma healing … read more.