Communicating Across the Political Divide

How do we stay connected and engaged with people who hold diametrically opposed views to our own?¬† Dr. Erasmus will identify people’s barriers to openness and what to do about them. We will explore the 3 key stages of a productive dialogue, the importance of … read more.

Storytelling Throughout the World

Presented by John Martin

John Martin is an experienced storyteller. He has been sharing his stories with Groveland Fellowship for several years. We welcome him back this Sunday!

John Martin works to make our world better by involving people in political activism. He … read more.

Hildegard of Bingen

Known for her visions, treatises, and musical compositions, Hildegard of Bingen is often overlooked as a major political player of the 12th¬†century. Her letters reveal her attempts to influence kings as well as other clergy, keeping them in line with the Church. Bingen was a … read more.