Lessons From the Field

The first program of our church year is usually Mingling of the Waters. This year we will have Mingling of the Waters at our second meeting on September 15.

Our speaker, Kris Warhol, is from the Unitarian Church of Underwood, founded in 1889, with a … read more.

Mingling of the Waters

We usually begin our church year with the traditional Unitarian Universalist Mingling of the Waters Ceremony. This year the ceremony will take place on the 2nd Sunday of our year. Alan Lando will lead our service where each person brings water from a vacation, … read more.

Housing Justice

Dr. Brittany Lewis partnered KMOJ Host Lissa Jones to develop a 3 part series on evictions in North Minneapolis to help the broader community understand the complexity of the issue – who it impacts, how it impacts all stakeholders, and what is being done to … read more.

Should Fighting Hate be the Top Priority for Unitarians?

Daily, we face strong evidence of the rise of nativist sentiment, coupled with overt distrust, hatred and violence against immigrants, people of color, the LGBT community, non-Christians, nonbelievers, and other “outsiders” throughout the country. In this program, we will revisit Unitarian Universalist principles and discuss … read more.