Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

Reid Grano will speak about his work teaching Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Nonviolent Communication puts the primary focus on connection through empathetic listening rather than ‘being right’. Reid will present a basic introduction to NVC, guide us through an exercise to demonstrate its power, and share … read more.

The Irresponsible Pursuit of Paradise

Under the banner of environmental protection, barriers of all kinds have been erected to discourage domestic raw material extraction.  But because raw materials obviously must come from somewhere, when extraction is obstructed in one region this activity and all associated impacts are simply shifted to … read more.

Why I Am Taking a Break From Unitarian Universalism

Kevin Ward has been attending Unity Unitarian in St. Paul since 2008.  However, this summer something broke inside of him, and now he is not sure whether to keep going or not.  His friend, Lois Hamilton, asked him to come to this fellowship to talk … read more.

Love Keeps Reaching Out

Now more than ever, our country needs to know that the values of justice, equity, and compassion are alive and well in our UU congregations and fellowships. The best way to do this is by living out those values in ways that reach out in love … read more.