Songs In Our Lives

Music in general and songs in particular can be a path to contemplation; can bring solace, joy, sadness or memories to listeners.  Singing together can help build community.  A collection of songs and hymns suggested by Groveland members and friends are part of our program … read more.

Father Vito Uncensored: The Power and the Pain and the Shame

There is nothing more serious than a comedic reflection on topics such as power, pain and shame. And that is exactly what Tom Esch, as Father Vito will be doing.  Following the comedy, Tom as himself will talk about his life as a Catholic priest, including why he … read more.

Health Disparities in Screening and Diagnosis

 Elizabeth Lando-King holds a PhD and RN from the University of Minnesota.  She has worked as a Public Health Nurse and is presently a Nurse Specialist at the Minnesota Department of Health for the Sage program.  This program provides payment for screening and diagnosis of … read more.

Intersectionality and Atheism: Random and Not So Random Thoughts

Intersectionality is an academic concept that has
increasingly entered the language of non-academic opinion-makers and activists.
Intersectionality refers to the multiple identities and statuses that converge
in the lives of every person. This multiplicity is often concealed when one
identity is regarded as more salient than others. Here we … read more.