Insect Armageddon: Whoopee or Whoops?

Native plants are easy to grow and maintain, but why would I want to? As agriculture and urban areas encroach on natural areas, there are fewer and fewer resources for our native birds and insects. Even providing small plantings in scattered yards can help sustain … read more.

Developing A Resilient Spirit – Through Service To Others

Using his gift for storytelling, Grant Watkins will paint a picture of seniors and their needs here in our community.   He will highlight the community-based programs offered by Wilder Healthy Aging and Caregiving Services to support them, and he will share examples of ways volunteers … read more.

How Do Your Beliefs Affect How You Live Your Life?

Do you make up your ideals and values from what you are faced with in life? Have other people, your religion or your work affected your views on how life should be lived?  Did you inherit your beliefs from your family, or have you gone … read more.