It’s Beyond Me

Why do we insist on believing in things and beings we cannot see? When did it start? Why does it continue in an age of science? We’ll examine these questions together using Zoom technology. Bring your notions. We’ll need them.

The Reverend Doctor Charles Buckman-Ellis stayed … read more.

Cultural Hegemony

The dominance of the white culture over people of color has given rise to racism. This presentation will focus on the construct of race and how racism has shaped the various institutions, government policies, and the national narrative that has effectively ignored the genocide of … read more.

Mingling of the Waters

ONLINE: We begin our church year with the traditional Unitarian Universalist Mingling of the Waters Ceremony. Everyone is invited to have water available from a vacation, weekend away, from the Mississippi or just from the home tap, symbolizing our separation during the summer and our … read more.