Building a New Way: Social Justice for Small Congregations

Sharing our Unitarian Universalist values of interdependence, democracy, and the inherent worth and dignity of all people through service, education, advocacy, and public witness is the heart of any congregation’s social justice outreach. But with so many options, how does a congregation know where … read more.

Humanism and Our Civic Lives

This service will be on-line. See information under “Services.”

Humanism’s central focus is to create the kind of world we want to live in – one that works for the well-being of all and the sustainability of the planet. In this talk, Audrey will make … read more.

The New Green Deal

The New Green Deal is about more than climate change. It addresses the way our economy works and doesn’t work, as well as economic disparaties and much more. With help from Bobbi Baker, Lois Hamilton will outline some of the provisions of the … read more.