Belonging, Cherishing, Inspiring: What makes a camp “UU”?

Description: For nearly 60 years, Camp UniStar has offered unique island summer experience for children, youth, and adults.  How does Camp UniStar foster personal and spiritual growth, and what does it offer to UU’s?

Our speaker Fred Hulting lives in Plymouth and is a long-time member of the UU Church of Minnetonka, in Wayzata.  Fred first attended Camp UniStar in 1996 with his wife Karen, 4 year old daughter Katie and 1 year old son Eric. During his time on the Prairie Star District Board he led the task force that created the Camp Unistar Foundation in 2014. The Foundation took ownership of Camp UniStar from Prairie Star during the creation of the MidAmerica Region, and Fred served as President for the Foundation’s first four years.