The Power and the Pain and the Shame

There is nothing more serious than a comedic reflection on topics such as power, pain and shame. And that is exactly what Tom Esch will be doing.  Following the comedy, Tom as himself will talk about his life as a Catholic priest, including why he left, how his spirituality has changed  and thoughts on why the clergy sexual abuse scandal has been so systemic.

Tom Esch is the founder and principal consultant of Esch Consulting that focuses on shaping healthy and safe work culture. He has a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution from the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon, a master’s degree in Theology from the University of Notre Dame and Mediation Training at Hamline University.

Here are some excerpts from a recent article about him by Ruben Rosario at the Twin Cities Pioneer Press: He doesn’t know if the comedy will catch on and become a more serious — pun intended — venture. But he believes it can provide audiences from all walks of life and beliefs more than laughs or a personal, cathartic journey….’If there is a message I want people to get behind the comedy, it is that God forgives you but you must hold yourself accountable,” Esch said. “And if you can’t hold yourself accountable, the community will’.”