Hinduism: It’s Significance, Prospects and Challenges in the Modern Age

Hybrid (In-person at Mano a Mano or from home on Zoom)

Speaker: Godan Nambudiripad

Moderator: John Christensen

Godan Nambudiripad will briefly introduce the history of Hinduism and explain its basic beliefs and practices. He will explore with us the challenges this religion faces with increased immigration, technology and politics.

Born in the State of Kerala on the southwest corner of India into a traditional family, Godan Nambudiripad became an engineer in Kerala and received a graduate degree from the University of Toronto. He has had a variety of work experiences from a Russian engineering project in India and in the food industry in Minnesota, retiring from General Mills in 2007. In addition to his engineering skills, Godan also has artistic and community leadership interests. Godan is currently taking classes in Indian philosophy from the Hindu University of America, leads tours at the Hindu Mandir in Maple Grove and is a regular speaker at schools and other venues on Indian culture and Hinduism. He and his family live in the Twin Cities.