Housing Justice

Dr. Brittany Lewis partnered KMOJ Host Lissa Jones to develop a 3 part series on evictions in North Minneapolis to help the broader community understand the complexity of the issue – who it impacts, how it impacts all stakeholders, and what is being done to address some of these challenges.

Dr. Brittany Lewis is CURA’s (Center for Urban & Regional Affairs) Research Associate with an expertise in community-engaged research, urban housing, community economic development, and critical race and gender studies. A 2015–2016 Postdoctoral Fellow at Bowdoin College and 2014–2015 University of Minnesota Doctoral Dissertation Fellow, Dr. Lewis has established herself as a scholar committed to investigating the ways that local urban communities resist the racialized gendered legacies of housing segregation, redlining, and concentrated poverty.  (From University of Minnesota CURA website.)