Iskotew Kahmahch Opikik: An Indigenous Journey of Trauma Healing

Virtual Service (On Zoom Only)

Speaker: Nia To Go there, Ph.D.

Dr. Nia To Go There will briefly highlight current trauma healing principles and the emerging field of epigenetics. She will illustrate how she used these principles in the curriculum she designed to address Indigenous trauma healing entitled, Iskotew Kahmahsh Opikik (Fire that is Beginning to Stand).

Dr. To Go There is a member of the Cree tribe enrolled on Turtle Mountain Reservation in ND. Currently, she is working with Quakers on a national and state level as they grapple with their Indigenous “land back” initiative. She is passionate about turning this “land back” initiative to a “return to the land” movement so that “land” is no longer viewed merely as “real estate.” She is a strong advocate for individual, ancestral, and collective trauma healing; she has been studying for the past three years with Dr. Thomas Hubl, international “guru” on collective trauma healing.