Mingling of the Waters

We break from services for the summer.  We will have other events, including our Covenanting Celebration (August 4 at Hidden Falls Park), book group meetings, congregational meetings, a movie night and potlucks.

Groveland Fellowship meets at 1671 Summit Ave. 10:00 a.m. most Sunday mornings from September through May.

Services will resume on the first Sunday after Labor Day (September 9, 2018). Have a great summer!


We will begin the 2018/19 church year with our traditional Unitarian Universalist Mingling of the Waters Ceremony. Each person brings water from a vacation, weekend away, from the Mississippi or just from the home tap to combine in a large bowl, symbolizing our separation during the summer and our reunion again in the fall. We will then talk about and re-live our summer adventures. Remember to bring your water!