Mino Bimaadizwin (The Way of a Good Life)

In-person Service at Macalester College. Please see “Directions” at the bottom of the Homepage.

Presenter: Carol Hernandez

Moderator: Ceile Hartleib

Mino bimaadiziwin is a concept of the Anishinaabe people that guides us on the path towards a good life. Living a good life requires us to make good choices every day. We should strive towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. We have been given 7 Grandfather teachings: love, respect, bravery, truth, honestly, humility and wisdom to help us. One is not more important than the other and should be used with each other.

Carol Hernandez is an enrolled member of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe.  She will share her journey from growing up in the Twin Cities and later moving to the reservation. She is second degree Midewin and will talk about her conversion from Christianity. She will discuss how she strives to apply the 7 Grandfather teachings to her daily life and continues on the path of mino bimaadiziwin.

As an elder, Carol believes it is her responsibility to not only be a role model but to pass on knowledge to anyone who seeks it. She is knowledgeable in many cultural crafts/traditions and is often called upon to make items needed for ceremonies. She also believes that cultural/traditional crafting helps those lost on their path to gain back their lost identity.