Pay Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain: Understanding the Facts of Critical Race Theory and the Fiction of Politics

This will be an in-person service at Macalester College. See “Directions” at bottom of Home Page.

Jonathan Palmer, Executive Director of Hallie Q. Brown Community Center will present an exploration about what Critical Race Theory actually is and isn’t, and why the political rhetoric illustrates the need for this crucial approach. An opportunity to separate fact from fiction, ask questions and learn about the history this entails, including the Rondo Community.

Jonathan Palmer is the Executive Director for Hallie Q. Brown Community Center, Inc. with 25 years of experience in public and nonprofit management and leadership. He serves on the board of directors of several nonprofit organizations, including MDI, the Summit University Planning Council, Convergence Events, Inc. (President), and the International Clan MacFarlane Society. Jonathan is a graduate of Morehouse College where he received his BA in Psychology with a minor in Theatre and is completing an MA in Public Affairs from the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota.