Public Health Ethics: Ethics During the Pandemic

This will be an in-person service at Macalester College. Please see “Directions” at the bottom of the Home Page.

Dr. Lando will speak about the tension between public health and individual rights, the distribution of resources and the protection of health care workers.  He will discuss some controversial studies that led to the establishment of Institutional Review Boards for approval of research on human subjects. He will also consider some key public health topics including human rights as a foundation; the case of HIV/AIDS; the case of Flint, Michigan and the case of Henrietta Lacks, whose cancer cells were collected by a Johns Hopkins doctor without her knowledge or permission nearly 70 years ago and then were widely used in medical research.

Alan Lando is a long-time member and past president of Groveland UU Fellowship.  He currently is a Distinguished International Professor in the Division of Epidemiology and Community Health of the School of Public Health at the University of Minnesota.  Most of his research and advocacy has addressed tobacco, including effective interventions for hardcore medically compromised smokers and strategies for combating the global tobacco epidemic.