Recent Promising Solutions to Climate Issues

Hybrid Service
 (In person & on Zoom)

Presenter: Huron Smith

Moderator: Ceile Hartleib

After two years of study, Project Drawdown released in late summer 2022 an update of its 82 climate solutions and added analyses of 11 additional technologies and practices with the proven ability to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.  But the analysis is changing rapidly.  Although new technologies are rapidly expanding, people in many nations are working diligently to update what can be done not just with the new technologies but with existing technologies using new political organization and cooperation. 

The presentation will deal with the technological component and the cooperation component.  Our presenter, Huron Smith, MS MBA, is committed to work to support the habitability for all of us of our home planet, earth. He is also a member of the Groveland UU Fellowship Executive Committee.