The Long Path to Housing Justice

Everybody needs a safe, stable, dignified place to call home. And yet, for many people, the dream of home is out of reach. Learn about some of the approaches to the fight for housing justice using the legal system, public policy and community partnership. What has happened, and what are the emerging issues that will impact the future of the fight for a just and equitable housing system?

Margaret Kaplan is the President of the Housing Justice Center, a non-profit public interest legal and policy advocacy organization dedicated to upholding the right to safe, stable, affordable housing free from discrimination. Margaret has over 20 years of experience in the field of affordable housing and community development, starting out as a community organizer with All Parks Alliance for Change. She began her legal career with the Housing Preservation Project, and subsequently worked for All Parks Alliance for Change and the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining HJC, Margaret spent six years as the Community Development Director at Minnesota Housing. Margaret has expertise in local, state, and federal housing policy and programs and is dedicated to using law and policy as tools to effectuate community-articulated outcomes for a more just and equitable society.