Dream Hoarders, presented by Jerry Kettunen

As the basis of his talk, Jerry Kettunen will review the Book, Dream Hoarders, written by Richard V. Reeves of the Brookings Institute. Reeves’ premise is that the top 79% to 99% of income earners are the Upper Middle Class (UMC). Along with the politicians they have elected and other privileges they have, they are provided with a glass floor for their progeny. The UMC provides educational benefits through legacy admittance policies in many colleges and education for their children from pre-school on up making an educational playing field tilted in their favor. The lower 79% have a problem competing. Jerry Kettunen states that he “agreed in most cases, but found missing information and exceptions in his personal experience.”
Jerry Kettunen, a retired 3M engineer and life-long Unitarian, is a member of Groveland Fellowship. He volunteers with Mano a Mano working on a water pasteurization system, and tutors at Rondo Library. He also loves to play pickle ball.