Water Security: Implications for Minnesota

Hybrid Service (In person and on Zoom)

Presenter: Larry Herbison

Water is both one of the most common substances on Earth and humanity’s most precious resource, yet usable water is becoming scarce. It is easy to blame climate change, for good reasons, but it is a little more complex than that. Minnesota is not exempt from water scarcity issues. We need to examine what is happening in our state to better prepare long-term and short-term political, educational and community strategies to prevent or at least minimize potential adverse changes. 

Larry Herbison is a high school teacher and education technologist, with an education in mathematics and computer science. But in exploring solutions to the effects of climate change, from which he dreams of someday being acclaimed the earth’s savior, he realizes that those solutions will need to be both technological and humanistic. 

Larry is a long-time member and past president of Groveland Fellowship.