Winter Solstice

I don’t know how many ways we can say that 2020 has been a year like no other. Those of us whose hearts and minds are bent towards social justice have been overwhelmed both by examples of imbalance and by the outpouring of action towards balance. Every aspect of our lives has been tested this year; our family and friend relationships, our health and feelings of safety, and the structure and sanctity of our political system.

The story of Svipdag in the Poetic Edda is a metaphor for each of us as we dig through these grief-ridden times and find the path to peace. We will visualize together as the hero is instructed by his mother for this journey. We will breathe together as the hero climbs the mountain of medicine and names each of the healing goddesses we find there. We will sing together and light a candle (or turn on a light switch) to celebrate life in this dark time.

Kari Tauring is a Nordic root musician, educator, and spiritual leader raised in Minnesota. Her work is embedded in the full culture of her Scandinavian heritage including music, dance, storytelling, and other arts. She teaches classes on runes, Norse mythology, cosmology, and metaphysics, primarily on-line since COVID. This is the 21st anniversary of her Yuletide Celebration album and the 21 years of celebrating Winter Solstice in the Northlands. Her musical recordings, book on runes, and links to on-line classes and videos are on her website: (also in its 21st year).