Recent Promising Solutions to Climate Issues

Hybrid Service
 (In person & on Zoom)

Presenter: Huron Smith

Moderator: Ceile Hartleib

After two years of study, Project Drawdown released in late summer 2022 an update of its 82 climate solutions and added analyses of 11 additional technologies and practices with the proven ability to reduce … read more.

UU Theologies Through Song

(YouTube video presentation at Dakota UU Church) – Online ServiceOnly – watch from home

Presenter: Emily McKown

Moderator: Alan Lando

Emily McKown, 1st year Seminarian at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities will share stories and songs inspired by her theological studies this year.

Emily grew up attending … read more.

Full Community” Approach to Homelessness

Presenter: Gabrielle Clowdus

Moderator: Leticia Smith

The standard approach to homelessness is called Housing First: “providing four wallsand a roof” and offering professional services. This approach falls short because the problem of homelessness is not a lack of housing and professional help alone, but just as critically, … read more.